LOL, iPhone 16 looks like this?

Apple iPhone 16: A Glimpse into the Future

When it comes to Apple’s iPhone, the lack of innovation in recent years has indeed been a topic of criticism from various quarters. Over the past few years, there seems to have been limited innovation and improvement, leading to a perceived lack of excitement. With the release of the iPhone 16 still about six months away, leaks regarding its design and battery have started to emerge. Let’s take a closer look at the rumored design. However, please note that these details are not yet confirmed, reportedly based on rendered images from a leaked design draft.

The camera module remains positioned in the top left corner, with the major change being the shift from a rectangular to an oval shape. Additionally, it is rumored to feature a vertical dual-camera setup with the addition of a dedicated capture button. The position of the camera module likely remains unchanged. Placing it always in the top left corner may have become a bit repetitive aesthetically; however, this signature style is characteristic of Apple’s iPhones. Just like the OnePlus 12, whose camera module design has been continuously used for promotional purposes by rival companies since its launch.

iPhone 16 Render

On the front, the device is expected to continue featuring a pill-shaped dual hole-punch display. While iPhones have been using a notched display for several years, this shift to a pill-shaped dual punch-hole design might be continued for several generations. Domestic flagship smartphones aim for a more appealing design, with most opting for a single punch-hole design. If Apple can develop a superior solution for an under-display truly full-screen design, it would further enhance the aesthetics. Considering the expected minor changes in the iPhone 16’s design, some people mockingly comment on Apple’s conservative approach; however, users seem unfazed, and designers appear to be under minimal pressure.

iPhone 16 Render 2

Additionally, news about the iPhone 16’s battery has surfaced. Leakers claim significant adjustments, but upon closer inspection, the details trigger laughter. The iPhone 16 boasts a 3561 mAh battery, an increase of 212 mAh compared to the previous iPhone 15. The iPhone 16 Pro Max features a 4676 mAh battery, an increase of 254 mAh from its predecessor. Interestingly, the iPhone 16 Plus surprises with a decrease in battery capacity, dropping to 4006 mAh from the previous 4383 mAh, marking a 9% decline.

iPhone 16 Render 3

While Apple’s iPhones may not showcase significant innovation and improvements with each new generation, they continue to enjoy robust sales. This resilience is truly admirable. As the saying goes, each year’s standard iPhone model may not offer as much value as purchasing a flagship smartphone from a domestic brand at a similar price point, considering that the latter typically outperforms in terms of specifications!

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