Live Update for Win11? Microsoft Tests

Update on Windows 11: Microsoft Testing New “Hot Patch” Update Method

Author: Yao Liwei
Date: 2024-02-25 16:00:59

According to the latest reports, Microsoft is currently testing a brand-new update method that allows the installation of critical updates for Windows 11 without the need for a restart. This new update method, known as “hot patching,” has already been successfully implemented on Windows Server and Xbox for some time.

In the past, the most frustrating thing for users was when an update window popped up during work or gaming, demanding a computer restart. However, the introduction of “hot patching” has made this situation a thing of the past. Its principle lies in patching the memory code of running processes without the need to restart them.

Nevertheless, this does not mean that there will never be a need for a mandatory restart in the future. Ideally, only four months per year (January, April, July, and October) will require a mandatory restart for security updates, while updates will be provided through “hot patching” without the need for a restart in the remaining months.

It is understood that the hot patching for Windows 11 is expected to make its debut in the 24H2 version later this year. It is worth noting that previous media reports mentioned that the Windows 11 24H2 version will come pre-installed (OEM) starting in June and will be rolled out to existing Windows 11 users on a large scale in September.

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