Xiaomi 14 Ultra price drop before sale? No satellite version? Confusing!

Everyone knows that in terms of functionality and configuration, the Xiaomi 14 Ultra can be considered a super flagship. As I have mentioned numerous times before, good products usually don’t lack users under normal circumstances. I believe the Xiaomi 14 Ultra is no exception. The official sales launch date is February 27th, but orders can already be placed through official channels. Upon the official launch, orders will be shipped based on the sequence of placement. Additionally, I personally believe that there is a high probability of supply shortage for the initial sale two days later. However, before the sale even began, there were some strange incidents.


Firstly, it was surprising to see price drops in third-party channels, which is highly unusual since the Xiaomi 14 Ultra had not even been officially launched yet. Where did these people supposedly get their stock from? Moreover, it’s unreasonable for a new device that hasn’t been released to be discounted. Considering the current popularity of the Xiaomi 14 Ultra online, it is highly likely that it will sell out quickly after the 27th (at least some models). In situations where initial supply is tight, price hikes are normal, so price drops are quite perplexing.


What’s even more awkward is that these price drops are mostly around 300 yuan. A 50-yuan reduction may be plausible due to coupons, but seeing nearly a 5% discount online for an unreleased product is truly baffling.

Moreover, the confusion doesn’t stop there. One of the highlighted features of the Xiaomi 14 Ultra, the satellite communication version, should theoretically have its share of users. However, it’s surprising to find that there is no satellite communication version option available on the official website.


On the other hand, the Xiaomi 14 Pro does offer the satellite communication option, bringing into question the reasoning behind such a setup.


Similarly, in JD’s self-operated store, there is no satellite communication version available for the Xiaomi 14 Ultra. The same goes for TM’s flagship store, which is quite different from what we have seen before.


As per the information disclosed during the event a few days ago, most people believed that only the 16GB+1B 8799 yuan version supports satellite communication. However, none of the official channels currently offer this option. This demands an explanation.


To clarify, I consulted JD’s self-operated store customer service. Surprisingly, they claimed that all versions come with satellite communication as standard. This means even the 12GB+256GB version supports satellite communication. With this clarification, users have a wide range of choices. If one wants to experience satellite communication with basic storage needs, the Ultra base version is suitable. However, if someone desires both satellite communication and ample storage for various contents, the Pro version would be a good choice.


Regarding the earlier mentioned third-party price reductions, caution is advised. Even though there might be discounts available two days after the launch, official channels are unlikely to offer any immediate price drops. It’s not recommended to buy from such third-party channels with unclear circumstances just for a few hundred yuan discount. It’s better to stick with official channels.

In essence, it’s logical to understand that when the initial supply is limited, how could there possibly be price reductions?

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