ZTE to Showcase at MWC 2024

From February 26 to February 29, 2024, the Mobile World Congress will take place in Barcelona, Spain. ZTE Communication will participate in this grand event with the theme “Future in Progress,” collaborating with industry partners to jointly paint a new landscape for a digital and intelligent future.

ZTE’s exhibition area will be located at Booth 3F30, Hall 3 of Fira Gran Via, showcasing highly efficient, green, and smart innovative products and solutions across four major exhibition areas: Extreme Efficiency Infrastructure, Digital Gold Mining, Boundless Future, and Digital Intelligence Lifestyle. These will present the most groundbreaking ICT technologies and their related application achievements.

Building High-Efficiency, Low-Carbon Modern Basic Networks to Meet Diverse Needs

Addressing the fundamental network requirements of operators, ZTE will display a modern basic network aimed at the future, constructed in a high-efficiency, low-carbon manner through the latest generation of network and computational infrastructure. The wireless field will feature the UniSite minimalist wireless site, which simplifies sites by combining seven bands into one, achieves spectrum extreme efficiency through multi-band MIMO evolution, and implements ultimate energy savings with a new generation of constant-efficiency power amplifier architecture and the industry’s first power pooling UBR. The company will also launch the industry-leading 800GE/400GE deterministic routers and the largest capacity microwave IDU to enable high-efficiency backhaul, supporting a smooth evolution towards 5G-A. In the field of wired communications, ZTE will introduce an extremely efficient full-optical network, enabling gigabit coverage for homes, parks, and rural scenarios through FTTx. The company will launch the first Tbit full-optical access platform and will introduce ultra-high-speed OTN capable of large-scale deployment of 400G over long distances, including the first 800G pluggable solution. The computing power domain will feature a diverse and high-performance end-to-end computing infrastructure solution, such as a full range of servers offering high-quality heterogeneous computing power to meet all-scenario customer needs for both general and intelligent computing; innovative products like high-performance distributed all-flash storage, 400GE lossless high-speed interconnection, and liquid-cooled modular prefabricated Data Centers (DC). Additionally, ZTE will bring an end-to-end energy solution covering the entire lifecycle, showcasing core technologies that enable a low-carbon domain, achieving green energy supply, efficient energy storage, and intelligent energy use.

Empowering Operators with Artificial Intelligence to Drive Business Development and Accelerate Digital Monetization

In leveraging artificial intelligence to aid the growth of operator business and achieve digital monetization for the 2C/2B/2H markets, ZTE will present a series of innovative products and solutions. These include the AI-driven “Smart Network Solution” uSmartNet, integrated with AI big models and digital twin technology; solutions based on Open Gateway and intelligent resource orchestration to help operators monetize traffic and experience; for operator’s 2B business expansion, the company will display a new paradigm for smart factory construction based on “Industrial Site Network + Digital Nebula,” while also developing the Nebula industry big model to help create highly efficient and collaborative smart factory organisms. ZTE will also showcase solutions that probe deep into the OT domain with the fusion of 5G+PON private networks, delivering high determinacy, integrated computing and networking, and minimalistic maintenance-free operation. Moreover, the company will introduce the industry’s first 5G+XR Internet media integration solution, enabling metaverse applications in industrial and cultural tourism scenarios, and providing more possibilities for commercial innovation in the industry. For operators’ 2H business expansion, they will enhance user experience through diverse Wi-Fi7 terminals, all-scenario video services, and a home media computing power center, and present end-to-end smart home ecosystem solutions based on FTTR as the foundation and voice as the entry point.

Exploring Cutting-Edge Industry Technologies to Break Boundaries of the Digital Future

Looking towards the future evolution of mobile communication technology, ZTE will present the three major visions and six scenario technology expansions of 5G-A, including applications such as millimeter-wave ultra-gigabit experiences for mobile backhaul and immersive XR experiences. The company will also showcase RIS-assisted millimeter-wave technology which promises more cost-effective networking and lower energy consumption. Furthermore, ZTE will unveil industry solutions supported by RedCap technology and integrated perception-computing technologies for the IoT industry, such as autonomous driving for network-connected vehicles and new economies for unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) logistics. In addition, ZTE will demonstrate NTN technology achieving integrated coverage of sky, space, sea, and land, expanding the horizons for direct satellite connectivity on mobile phones and broad-area IoT applications.

Introducing a Comprehensive Smart Ecosystem 3.0 and Expanding Multi-Device Intelligent Interconnectivity

In the domain of digital intelligence life, ZTE Terminal will unveil the global brand vision “Better for All,” dedicated to providing superior products and services with better design, better experience, and better quality for global consumers, allowing everyone to enjoy a better life. Furthermore, ZTE will display its core AI-driven comprehensive smart ecosystem 3.0, centered on multi-device intelligent interconnectivity and ecosystem expansion, and introduce various innovative products and technologies. These include the newest generation—and the world’s first—5G+AI 3D tablet nubia Pad 3D II, equipped with Neovision 3D Anytime technology that supports system-level real-time conversion from 2D to 3D content, as well as 3D solutions for various industries. The exhibition will also feature the new 5G FWA concept powered by AI, the first small foldable nubia Flip 5G, and a range of unique new smartphones focused on imaging, music, and gaming. Additionally, the unique fifth-generation Under Display Camera (UDC) flagship nubia Z60 Ultra, the top-performing gaming flagship phone RedMagic 9 Pro series, and the leading FWA&MBB series will also make a striking appearance.

Presenting Groundbreaking Innovation and Exploring New Industry Ecosystems for the Future

During the event, ZTE will hold a series of new product launches for ZTE Terminal products and 5G-Advanced joint innovation achievements and products, showcasing a range of innovative offerings to the industry. In addition, the company will participate in five major thematic forums hosted by GSMA, engaging in discussions with global operators, industry partners, and thought leaders on new technologies, products, and ideas in the ICT field.

Besides, ZTE’s MWC special website will also display its latest insights into the digital age, shared by President Xu Ziyang. These will highlight ZTE’s actions and thoughts under strategic opportunities in digitalization, intelligentization, and low-carbon development, joining hands with global partners to innovate through cycles for an extremely efficient, green, and smart sustainable future.

As ICT technologies evolve rapidly and the enabling effects of digital intelligence unleash, the future is not just imaginable—it’s in progress. From February 26 to February 29, join ZTE to glimpse the new digital future.

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