Fu Sheng and Zhou Chat via Sora: Zhou, seems you’re shifting concepts

Recently, Zhou Hongyi, the founder and chairman of 360, and Fu Sheng, the CEO of Cheetah Mobile, had differing views on the topic of whether “Sora can accelerate the arrival of AGI.”

Previously, Zhou Hongyi had shared his perspective, suggesting that the emergence of Sora might shorten the time for AGI to be achieved from 10 years to just 1 year. He analyzed that OpenAI, when training its models, extensively relies on reading video materials. By combining large models with Diffusion technology, a deeper understanding of the world is required, thus the learning samples will mainly depend on visuals captured by videos and cameras. Once artificial intelligence is combined with cameras, it can watch all movies, browse videos on YouTube and TikTok, thus gaining a deeper understanding of the world through visual information. Zhou Hongyi believed that the amount of information obtained through videos far surpasses text, hence the realization of AGI might not be a matter of 10 or 20 years but could potentially occur within just one or two years.

However, Fu Sheng held a different perspective. He believed that while Sora is a milestone at the product level, it does not represent a technological revolution in the field of AI, therefore AGI will not arrive within a year because of it. Fu Sheng publicly expressed his viewpoint, which contradicted Zhou Hongyi’s.

In response to Fu Sheng’s rebuttal, on February 25, at noon, Zhou Hongyi once again mentioned Fu Sheng and reiterated his views when discussing meta-scientist Yang Likun’s criticism of Sora.

Fu Sheng and Zhou Chat

Fu Sheng mimicked a selfie with Zhou Hongyi’s iconic red clothing style as a response. He directly stated, “Zhou, you seem to be shifting concepts here. I am not referring to whether Sora understands the world, but rather if it shortens the arrival time of AGI or significantly contributes to the arrival of AGI. I am concerned with whether Sora enhances artificial intelligence’s understanding of the world, not whether it completely lacks understanding of the world.”

Fu Sheng further explained with an example: “Take drawing as an example, to create a good piece of art, indeed a certain level of understanding of the world is needed. But Comrade Zhou is clearly shifting the concept here. He initially claimed that Sora understands the world very well and asserted that the time for AGI to be achieved can be shortened from 10 years to 1 year. I believe this viewpoint is erroneous. Although Sora is indeed stronger in understanding continuous videos, it has not brought about a revolutionary breakthrough in fundamental technology nor a deeper understanding of the world than large language models. Therefore, even though it can create stunning videos, which could be seen as a revolutionary product at the phenomenal level, it does not represent a significant change in the technological roadmap, nor does it make AI understand the world more profoundly.”

Fu Sheng added, “Of course, Sora needs to possess a certain level of understanding, but I don’t think it can truly replicate the physical world. Over time, it may deviate.”

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