Huawei Unveils World’s First 5.5G Smart Core Network

Huawei Unveils World’s First 5.5G Smart Core Network Solution at MWC24 in Barcelona

On February 26, during MWC24 in Barcelona, Huawei’s President of Cloud Core Network Product Line, Gao Zhiguo, unveiled the 5.5G Smart Core Network Solution at a product solution release event. He announced that 2024 will mark the commercial debut of 5.5G, where the 5.5G Smart Core Network integrates business intelligence, network intelligence, and operational intelligence to empower the realization of network commercial value.

Huawei 5.5G Smart Core Network

In terms of business intelligence, it can reshape the revenue space of calls. By 2023, the new voice calls have been deployed in all 31 provinces of China, supporting 50 million users. It has also been widely validated in Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, Asia-Pacific, and other regions, with plans for commercial use in 2024. The previously launched 5G voice call is a video and audio technology solution under the 5G network architecture. It enables voice, video, and data services to be carried on the 5G network, allowing users to break free from traditional constraints on media streams during calls and enabling real-time video, location sharing, picture sharing, and file sharing during calls.

Gao Zhiguo stated, “Huawei’s industry-first new voice call – A, with continuously upgraded intelligent capabilities and DC (channel) interactive capabilities, officially enters the era of multimodal communication, helping operators to restructure their businesses.” Additionally, Huawei’s introduced MCF (Media Control Function) real-time voice-driven digital human components rely solely on voice input during calls. It dynamically renders thousands of unique appearances, allowing companies to have their own virtual brand ambassadors, serving as a portrayal of their corporate image.

Regarding network intelligence, it enables experience monetization and differentiated operations. There are three major technical breakpoints in the MBB network experience operation, including unassessable experiences, extensive optimization, and non-closed-loop operations. To address these issues, Huawei has unveiled the industry’s first IPE (Intelligent Personalized Experience) solution to help operators transition from traffic-based operations to upgrading experience rights within packages, achieving differentiated experience management.

In the user-plane forwarding service of the industry core network, forwarding services could only be done within a single stream on a single vCPU. With an increase in large flow services (such as 2K/4K HD videos, 2K/4K live broadcasts, and micro-burst flow), it is easy for large flow services to overload a single vCPU core, leading to packet loss. Gao Zhiguo mentioned, “Huawei has introduced the industry’s first Intelligent UDG product, providing an ultimate experience in ubiquitous 10GbE.”

In terms of operational intelligence, it enables high stability and efficiency of networks. DAE (Hongtu Operations Expert) is based on a multimodal large model for operations, restructuring the cloud-based operational model to reduce the burden and enhance efficiency of network operations: shifting from a model of high-level experts + tools to the DAE + human-assisted intelligent center model, automating 80% of work orders compared to 100% manual handling, transitioning from manual decision-making to visualization of intent-driven operations, and weekly training updates of multimodal large models instead of a five-year training cycle for a single expert.

Author: Wen Jing, Beijing Youth Daily Reporter

Editor: Fan Hongwei

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