iPhone Twill Case Panned

On February 27th, Apple announced that they have been actively advancing their environmental policies. Last year, the company declared that they would discontinue the use of leather materials and instead use an eco-friendly material called twilled weave to manufacture their protective cases. However, after its release, this particular case has received widespread negative reviews from both the media and consumers.

Reports indicate that the stain resistance ability of this twilled weave protective case has been questioned by many. The repair team at iFixit conducted in-depth tests and found that while this case can withstand liquids like coffee to a certain extent, it struggles when faced with condiments and oily substances. This flaw makes the case prone to getting “contaminated” during daily use, and once stained, it is challenging to clean thoroughly. Additionally, the workmanship of this case has also been criticized.

Furthermore, employees at Apple stores have expressed concerns about the quality of this protective case. According to reports, Apple stores have to change the displayed twilled weave cases daily; otherwise, they appear very unsightly. Some employees even go as far as recommending customers to buy other types of cases, such as silicone cases or third-party alternatives.

Analysts believe that despite the widespread criticism faced by the Twilled Weave Case for the iPhone 15 upon its release, Apple still has the opportunity to rectify this mistake. By actively improving the design, enhancing product quality, and reassessing their environmental strategies, Apple can regain consumers’ trust and affection.

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