Honor’s New Flip Phone & Smart Ring Coming Soon

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During the 2024 Mobile World Congress (MWC), Honor’s CEO, Zhao Ming, announced that Honor is actively preparing for the release of the Flip mini foldable phone, and the project is currently in its final stages. In addition, Honor is also developing its own smart ring.

Honor's new Flip phone and smart ring

In an interview with the media, Zhao Ming expressed confidence in the future of foldable devices, indirectly responding to previous rumors about certain phone manufacturers discontinuing mini foldable phones. It is understood that Honor has already launched multiple foldable screen phones. For example, from July to October last year, they released three horizontally folding phones: Magic V2, V Purse, Magic Vs2. According to IDC data, Honor’s Magic V2 performed well in the third quarter shipment report of the Chinese mobile phone market, leading all foldable screen products.

During the interview, Zhao Ming did not disclose many details about the smart ring product, but he mentioned that it is part of Honor’s focus on the health sector. This smart ring will work in conjunction with artificial intelligence applications to provide consumers with more convenient and thoughtful health services. It can customize professional training programs for users, analyze their habits and health data, and offer expert advice. Zhao Ming believes that artificial intelligence is a key means for users to access more health information.

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