OPPO Unveils 6G & Security Reports

2024-02-28 14:04:07 Author: Yao Liwei

OPPO unveils 6G and security reports

With the rapid development of 6G technology, the telecommunications industry is facing unprecedented significant changes. In the new world of intelligent interconnection, we are full of unlimited expectations for the future.

OPPO recently released the 2023 editions of the “6G White Paper” and “6G Security White Paper,” outlining the blueprint for the future of 6G. They argue that 6G is an indispensable technological foundation for activating two “billion-user-level” markets – “Mobile AI” and “Mobile Metaverse.” Through faster and more comprehensive transmission capabilities, AI capabilities, and perceptual abilities, it aims to achieve a groundbreaking integration of the physical and virtual worlds.

To meet the needs of 6G communication and AI computation, OPPO has proposed a minimalistic and versatile system design for 6G. This innovative design provides basic common capabilities for a subsystem with a minimalist core, focusing on performance optimization in different directions. By rapidly switching between various subsystems, this design can call upon the most suitable processing unit as needed, thereby achieving efficient and flexible network performance, providing solid technical support for future communication systems.

Simultaneously, in the “6G Security White Paper,” OPPO points out that in the era of 6G, the focus will shift from simple transmission to data and privacy protection. To this end, they have actively explored technologies such as blockchain, physical layer security, AI security, and post-quantum security, constructing a zero-trust 6G intelligent security architecture. This architecture aims to comprehensively safeguard the security and privacy of user and business data while introducing new security capabilities to adapt to emerging security needs and meet backward compatibility requirements.

In conclusion, OPPO’s outlook on 6G technology is exhilarating. Their efforts will bring about significant changes in the telecommunications industry and create endless possibilities for the future of intelligent interconnection.

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