Honor CEO Zhao on AI’s Future at MWC

Source: China Daily

At the 2024 Mobile World Congress (MWC), Zhao Ming, the CEO of Honor Terminal Co., Ltd., participated in a roundtable forum with industry leaders on the topic “Putting People at the Center of AI Innovation: Key Considerations for Deploying AI in Smart Devices.” The forum was hosted by GSMA CEO and Director John Hoffman and featured insights from Alex Katouzian, Global Senior Vice President of Qualcomm. They agreed that AI-powered devices should prioritize providing a more intuitive and user-centric experience while ensuring user privacy.

CEO Zhao on AI's Future at MWC

“We believe that any mobile operating system is worth reimagining with AI. This year, Honor’s AI strategy focuses on integrating AI into MagicOS and all Honor devices to ensure a user-centric experience that delights users with every interaction,” emphasized Zhao Ming, highlighting Honor’s commitment to developing AI devices based on people’s everyday needs.

The launch of MagicOS 8.0 at MWC embodies Honor’s expertise in edge AI. This operating system integrates platform-level AI and the industry’s first intent-based UI. Furthermore, Honor introduced an overseas version of “Anytime Portal,” an intelligent service recommendation feature based on intent recognition and understanding, currently supporting 100 mainstream apps internationally.

In collaboration with Qualcomm, Honor showcased the powerful offline edge AI capabilities of Llama 2 on Honor Magic6 Pro.

Embracing an Open Ecosystem

Honor is actively pioneering an open ecosystem and inviting partners such as Qualcomm and GSMA to break down barriers of closed systems. “By fostering open collaboration, we will bring consumers entirely new intelligent experiences,” stated Zhao Ming.

Alex Katouzian, Global Senior Vice President of Qualcomm, echoed the view on open collaboration and aimed to have partners continuously develop and innovate on Qualcomm’s platform. He expressed, “Open collaboration is beneficial for the industry, something Qualcomm values. We believe that technological innovation will strengthen our partnerships, unlocking limitless potential through this collaborative model.”

Human-Centric All-Scenario AI Strategy

According to Zhao Ming, the current wave of AI breakthroughs is unprecedented in history and will profoundly impact smart devices. Honor’s strategic focus is to fully integrate AI into MagicOS, introducing the industry’s first intent recognition for human-machine interaction. This approach embeds new kernels, UI, and AI-empowered interconnect ecosystems into devices such as smartphones and PCs, providing users with cross-device, cross-application, and cross-ecosystem experiences.

“With platform-level AI and large-scale models at the edge, Honor is committed to seamlessly integrating AI PCs and AI smartphones into users’ daily lives, understanding user intent, and predicting needs,” he added, highlighting that as users interact with devices more frequently, their experience will become more personalized and practical.

Security: The Foundation of AI

“AI cannot exist without the foundation of privacy and security,” emphasized Zhao Ming. “We call upon the industry to collaborate on AI governance to ensure user privacy and security.” The YOYO suggestion feature, developed based on Honor’s MagicGuard technology, received certification from the European privacy authority ePrivacy, demonstrating Honor’s practical commitment to safeguarding user privacy and security.

Shaping the Future with 6G and AI

With the rapid development of 6G, AI, and industrial digitization, Honor and the GSMA have jointly released the “6G Terminal Vision” white paper.

GSMA CEO and Director John Hoffman shared, “AI is set to fundamentally change people’s lives, and we are pleased to see companies like Honor and Qualcomm leveraging edge AI for innovation to empower people’s lives. GSMA, in collaboration with Honor, has also released the ‘6G Terminal Vision’ white paper, outlining the grand vision of 6G terminal development in the era of artificial intelligence and guiding future industry development.”

This forward-looking document was jointly developed by Honor with partners such as China Unicom, China Mobile, China Telecom, Du, Telstra, and the International Maritime Organization, outlining a vision of a people-centric intelligent world powered by 6G and AI.

With the release of the white paper, Honor and GSMA have taken the first step in exploring the future. Honor invites industry partners to deepen cooperation and reach a consensus on the development of 6G terminals.

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