Honor to Launch First Compact Foldable, Challenges Samsung & Apple

Honor to Launch First Compact Foldable Phone, Challenging Samsung and Apple

On February 28, according to the latest news from 快科技 (Tech Fast), the 2024 Mobile World Congress (MWC) was held in Barcelona, where several Chinese companies participated, including Honor, Huawei, Xiaomi, and others.

During the event, Zhao Ming from Honor revealed in an interview with CNBC that this year, Honor is planning to enter the high-end market by introducing a compact foldable flip phone (mini foldable phone).

He emphasized that this marks Honor’s first foray into the vertical folding style of smartphones. Currently, this style of phone is dominated by brands like Samsung, and Zhao Ming hopes that Honor’s launch of the mini foldable phone can pose a challenge to Samsung and Apple.

“We are preparing for the release of the compact foldable flip phone (mini foldable phone) this year, and we are now in the final stages internally,” said Zhao Ming.

It is reported that Honor has already released multiple foldable phones in the market, with the latest being the Honor Magic V2 launched last year. However, this type of foldable phone represents all of Honor’s current left-to-right flip designs, differentiating it from the mini foldable design.

Additionally, at the MWC, Honor showcased various AI innovative designs. This includes the eye-tracking technology on the Honor Magic 6 Pro phone and the Honor MagicOS 8.0, which is an intention-based human-machine interaction system. The development of these innovative technologies also proves Honor’s profound impact in the smartphone market. With the launch of Honor’s first mini foldable phone, it may lead Honor to a different level.

Zhao Ming admitted that in the future, Honor’s strategy is to rebuild user interactions using artificial intelligence, meaning that it will be based on intention-based user interactions. Perhaps when you interact with the phone, it can understand your needs.

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