Lei Jun: Xiaomi car is top pick for Apple fans, netizens react

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On the morning of February 28th, according to insider information cited by the well-known Apple leaker Mark Gurman, Apple has reportedly terminated its decade-long electric car project. In response to this news, Xiaomi’s founder, Lei Jun, expressed his shock, saying, “I am very surprised by this news. Xiaomi’s strategic layout is the ‘human-vehicle-home ecosystem.’ We are well aware of the complexity and challenges of car manufacturing. However, three years ago, we made a firm strategic decision to create a high-quality car for our fans.”

Lei Jun's Statement

Later that same day, Lei Jun posted again, stating, “Not only does Xiaomi SU7 support CarPlay, but its rear screen can also connect to an iPad. With Apple’s exit from car production, for Apple users purchasing a smart electric car, Xiaomi SU7 is definitely the best choice.” This statement immediately sparked discussions in the comment section. Some netizens praised Lei Jun’s move as a “top-tier strategy.” In response, Lei Jun used three humorous “dog head” emojis.

Netizens' Reactions 1

Netizens' Reactions 2

Currently, almost all specifications of Xiaomi SU7 have been disclosed, except for the price. On December 24th last year, a media outlet conducted a poll on Weibo regarding the price range of Xiaomi SU7. Out of over 2800 participants, more than 70% chose the 110,000 to 200,000 yuan range, which Xiaomi officially denied. In another poll conducted on a different media platform, over 59,000 voters selected “below 200,000 yuan,” while only 19,000 voted for “200,000 to 300,000 yuan.” This indicates that the public has relatively low price expectations for Xiaomi SU7 and does not lean towards the higher price range.

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