Mi 14 Ultra Global Launch, Priced Above Apple, Still in High Demand!

On February 22, Xiaomi 14 Ultra was released in Mainland China and achieved international simultaneous sales, marking the first time Xiaomi’s flagship product has been released globally at the same time. Priced at a high 1499 euros in Europe, Xiaomi 14 Ultra is even more expensive than Apple’s pricing, indicating Xiaomi’s accelerated move towards the high-end market, aiming to compete with Apple’s flagship status.

Despite its high price, Xiaomi 14 Ultra has been warmly welcomed in Europe and America. Equipped with a professional-grade 1-inch large pixel sensor, a large aperture Leica master lens, and AISP image large model, Xiaomi 14 Ultra has created a mobile imaging system comparable to a digital camera, surpassing the image quality of smartphones promoted by Apple through software algorithms. This positioning as a “fighter jet in the flagship of imaging” has attracted great attention from photography enthusiasts in Europe and America and has been praised by industry experts as a top-notch imaging flagship phone that combines the advantages of “hardware + software”.

Recently, Xiaomi showcased a brilliant performance at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona with Xiaomi 14 Ultra and Xiaomi’s car SU7, demonstrating the strength of Chinese technology products to the world. Xiaomi not only participated in the exhibition but also received high attention. The real car was quite impressive, resembling a supercar, attracting a large crowd of foreigners and seeing their photo-taking expressions; they really liked it. Who would have thought that we, who used to rely on imports, are now beginning to conquer overseas markets?

At the same time, the pricing of Xiaomi 14 Ultra in China is also quite attractive, becoming the “national phone” in the minds of many domestic consumers. It is foreseeable that Xiaomi will further consolidate its position in the high-end market in Europe and America through products like Xiaomi 14 Ultra, while accelerating the realization of breakthroughs in high-end mass markets in China. The battle for higher market share and discourse power in imaging is shifting from the hands of traditional giants to Xiaomi. Both in Europe and America as well as in the domestic market, Xiaomi has established a new competitive position by upgrading imaging technology, making it a strong challenger to Apple.

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