Over 1K Apps for Apple Vision Pro

On the evening of February 2nd Beijing time, Apple’s Vision Pro officially kicked off its first sale in the North America region. Just one week after its release, Apple’s Senior Vice President of Global Marketing, Greg Joswiak, announced that the number of native applications available for Vision Pro headsets has exceeded 1,000, with over 1.5 million applications compatible with the headset.

Currently, globally renowned apps such as Airmail, Box, CARROT Weather, Disney+, Fantastical, Facades, JigSpace, MUBI, Night Sky, OmniPlan 4, Parcel, PCalc, Red Bull TV, Sky Guide, Tides, Webex, Zoom, and others have been adapted for Vision Pro. Microsoft 365’s Excel, PowerPoint, Teams, and Word have also completed their adaptation. Domestic apps in China such as DingTalk, Xingqiong Tie Dao, are also actively working on adaptation and are expected to complete multiple app adaptations within this year.

Equipped with a custom nicro-OLED display, Vision Pro boasts 23 million pixels, delivering stunning resolution and color for users. It features Apple’s M2 chip and a new R1 chip, with the M2 chip capable of running VisionOS, executing advanced computing algorithms, and providing breathtaking graphics. The R1 chip is specifically designed to handle inputs from built-in sensors, cameras, and microphones. The dual-driver audio box located next to each ear can provide personalized sound and support spatial audio. Officially, pairing Vision Pro with the second generation of AirPods Pro offers a seamless experience as both products are equipped with the H2 chip, ensuring ultra-low latency lossless audio.

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