Sell Billion in 15s: 16GB+1TB, 200W Fast Charge, Now Just $420+

The Rapid Cycle of New Smartphone Releases

On average, ordinary consumers replace their phones every two years, while the smartphone industry witnesses numerous new models being launched each month. Even within the same series, phones can be updated in less than half a year. This creates a challenge where the speed at which manufacturers introduce new models far surpasses the pace at which consumers upgrade. Manufacturers are compelled to constantly release new models due to fierce industry competition, despite the inconvenience it poses.


Introducing new models boosts brand exposure and popularity. When other manufacturers frequently release new phones, slowing down the pace of new releases could lead to a decline in brand popularity and sales. Consequently, manufacturers have no choice but to accelerate the release of new models to keep up. This trend often results in previously popular models being overshadowed by newer releases, as seen in the case of the iQOO11S.


The sub-brand offering high value for money under Vivo, iQOO, has gained significant popularity. However, in the realm of flagship models, many are only familiar with the iQOO11 and iQOO12, overlooking the intermediate iQOO11S. This oversight is a downside of rapid new releases. Despite being an excellent flagship, the iQOO11S features the popular Snapdragon 8Gen2 processor, which continues to be favored by consumers and utilized in new models by various manufacturers.


The fast-paced updates have led to this flagship model losing its relevance. Apart from the processor, the initial release of this high-end flagship boasted various highlights, such as 200W fast charging, surpassing many newer high-end models even today. Additionally, it features the E6 flagship flexible screen, known for high brightness and power efficiency. The top-tier variant offers a 16GB+1TB configuration, achieving impressive sales figures of one billion in 15 seconds upon its launch.


Furthermore, this flagship model excels in other areas, including a dedicated supercomputing discrete chip alongside the Snapdragon 8Gen2 for enhanced performance. Its E6 screen is a 2K ultra-clear full-sensing display, and its camera capabilities are remarkable, featuring a rear 50MP OIS optical stabilization triple camera setup. With appealing features like IP64 dust and water resistance, as well as a full-sensing control system including under-screen dual-control pressure sensitivity, its initial price starting at 3799 yuan was still very popular.


Unfortunately, the rapid succession of new releases has led to this flagship gradually being ignored by many consumers. To boost sales, Vivo has significantly slashed prices, with the flagship’s 12GB+256GB standard version now priced at 2960 yuan. Considering its hardware specifications, its cost-effectiveness even surpasses that of newer Snapdragon 8Gen2 flagships. Had it not been for the swift arrival of new models, its current price would certainly not be this low.

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