Unique Phone Picks at Every Price

Unique Phone Picks at Every Price Range

If you’re looking to stand out, how do you choose a mobile phone? Today, let’s summarize custom phone models at different price ranges for everyone!

  1. Honor Magic6 Porsche: The design inspiration for this new model comes from the sleek waistline of the Porsche 911 series, with colors that will also follow Porsche’s classic color schemes. Equipped with OV50K sensor, 8 Gen3, and other top-notch configurations, this flagship is definitely the top choice.

  2. OnePlus Ace3 Genshin Impact Edition: Given OnePlus’s excellent performance in custom models in the past, this one is worth looking forward to. Moreover, the original configuration of OnePlus Ace3 is already quite impressive, featuring a 5500mAh large battery, SUPERVOOC S power management chip, 100W wired fast charging, and a flagship-level 1.5K AMOLED display.

  3. Nubia Z60 Ultra Chinese New Year Edition: The Nubia Z60 Ultra, in a gold-themed Chinese New Year custom edition, stands out with its 6.8-inch true full-screen design as one of its highlights.

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