Musk Critiques Win11 Install; Fans Find Fix

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  • Date: 2024-03-05 13:40:50
  • Author: Yao Liwei

More and more users are starting to complain about the increased difficulty of operating Windows 11, a situation similar to what Tesla CEO Musk had previously mentioned. During the installation of the Windows 11 preview version, users need to first enter their Microsoft account and receive a prompt saying “Please update your device or browser.” Without an internet connection or a Microsoft account, users will be unable to smoothly install the system.

Musk had publicly expressed his dissatisfaction with the Windows 11 experience on social media, especially pointing out the various issues during the installation phase. He mentioned that after purchasing a new laptop, he found that he couldn’t use Windows 11 without using a Microsoft Account.

However, there are currently two methods to bypass this limitation. One method is to press the Shift + F10 key combination during OOBE, then enter “oobeypassnro” (without quotes) and press Enter. The computer will restart, allowing users to continue the installation without needing to connect to the internet or add an account.

The other method is to simply enter “test.” Although Microsoft will recognize that this account is not a valid Microsoft account, the system will still revert back to the local account creation stage, effectively enabling users to complete the installation of Windows 11 without an internet connection.

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