Blogger: Huawei P70 series launch delayed, reason unknown. Will you wait?

Huawei P70 Series Launch Delay: Speculations and Expectations

According to various sources, the Huawei P70 series was initially set for an official release in late March, comprising four models emphasizing high-end photography capabilities, posing a potential challenge to Apple’s market dominance. However, a recent revelation by a blogger suggests a delay in the launch until April, leaving the specific reasons undisclosed and prompting speculations among netizens.

Blogger Leaks: Huawei P70 Series Launch Postponed to April with More Confirmations to Follow.

Blogger Leak

Why the delay in introducing the new devices? As the blogger did not disclose the exact reasons, various theories have emerged among netizens. Some speculate it might be due to production capacity issues, considering Huawei’s Mate60 series faced prolonged shortages last year due to high demand for Kirin chips. To meet the needs of a larger consumer base this time, Huawei may have opted to postpone the launch.

Others suggest a strategic move to avoid clashing with rival releases. Several high-profile models are expected to debut in the domestic market soon, including the OPPO Find X7 Ultra Satellite Communication Edition, Honor Magic6 RSR Porsche Design/Pinnacle Edition, and vivo X100 Ultra. With each device boasting robust specifications and Huawei’s P70 series focusing on premium photography features, staggering the release timings with competitors is crucial for exposure.


However, these theories are purely speculative without concrete evidence. Particularly, the second viewpoint seems unfounded as historically, it’s the competitors who tend to retreat when Huawei hosts launches. Why would Huawei fear competing for attention with rivals now? Besides, the significant enhancements in imaging capabilities across the Huawei P70 series, featuring high-spec main cameras and periscope telephoto lenses with proprietary variable aperture technology, surpass what competitors offer.

Huawei P70 Series Features

Leaked details suggest that the standard Huawei P70 model will be equipped with the domestic HiSilicon OV50H sensor, a 1/1.3-inch photosensitive unit supporting up to 8K video recording. The Huawei P70 Pro, P70 Pro+, and P70 Art models will feature the Sony IMX989 one-inch large sensor, a first for Huawei, aimed at improving image quality through increased light intake, setting a new benchmark that competitors may struggle to match.

Camera Features

In terms of core performance, all Huawei P70 models will come with the Kirin 9000S processor. While not surpassing mainstream competitors in performance, it ensures smooth daily usability without any issues. Additionally, shipping with the HarmonyOS 4.1 system out of the box, this could potentially be Huawei’s last generation compatible with the Android system; the second half of the year may see the pure Harmony version, no longer supporting Android apps but providing a seamless experience akin to iOS.

Moreover, the Huawei P70 series is rumored to feature satellite communication capabilities, enabling satellite internet access. Besides messaging and calls, this feature might offer low-speed internet connectivity. Although it’s unclear if this feature will be standard across the P70 series, if realized, it could signify another industry-shifting innovation.

How do you perceive the blogger’s leak about the Huawei P70 series postponement to April? What do you believe could be the reasons behind it? Share your thoughts, folks!

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