Cooler Master Launches MasterBox 600; Huawei, Xiaomi Enable Global Sat-Com

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Cooler Master has launched the MasterBox 600 computer case, priced at 299 yuan.

It is reported that the MasterBox 600 computer case supports Mini-ITX, Micro-ATX, ATX, and E-ATX motherboards, making it Cooler Master’s first computer case product that is compatible with both back-inserted and traditional motherboards.

It features an innovative tool-less design, allowing users to easily assemble and disassemble the tempered glass side panel. This not only facilitates system upgrades and maintenance but also enhances the case’s appearance with a clean and sleek look.

Moreover, this computer case comes with adjustable HDD cages, enabling users to effortlessly install or remove 2.5-inch SSDs or 3.5-inch HDDs. Users can also adjust the position of the HDD cages according to their needs or completely remove them to create more space for other components.

It provides up to 1 slot for a 3.5-inch HDD or 3 slots for 2.5-inch HDDs, 7 PCI expansion slots, a 170mm CPU cooler height limit, a 410mm graphics card length limit, support for ATX power supplies with a length limit of 180mm, and cable management space of 33-35mm at the back, ensuring neat cable routing and excellent ventilation for the whole system.

Additionally, the MasterBox 600 computer case supports a 420mm radiator and can accommodate up to 7 120mm fans, providing users with corresponding solutions for extreme cooling needs.

Cooler Master has equipped the front with a SickleFlow 140mm fan and the rear with a CF120 fan to achieve balanced airflow.

After Huawei took the lead, mainstream domestic smartphone manufacturers such as Xiaomi and OPPO have also entered the satellite communication arena. They have all launched satellite communication smartphones.

Currently, domestic manufacturers are using the Tiantong-1 satellite system, an operational satellite communication system managed by China Telecom that enables satellite messaging and phone functions, albeit only within China.

It is worth noting that the Tiantong-1 satellite system not only covers China but also extends to surrounding regions like the Middle East, Africa, as well as most of the Pacific and Indian Ocean areas. However, it was previously not approved for overseas use, but this situation is expected to change soon.

China Telecom Group recently received approval from the International Telecommunication Union to obtain user dialing codes and network identification codes for the Tiantong satellite service, marking the first time a Chinese telecommunications company has secured international telecommunication code resources for satellite communication services.

It is understood that China Telecom has gained a total of 13 digits, with the first 5 digits being (882) 52 for the Tiantong satellite service international code resources.

Upon subscribing to this international number, users can directly make satellite calls and send satellite messages in overseas regions covered by the Tiantong satellite service using phones that support Tiantong satellite functions. The user’s displayed number would be 882 52 xxxx xxxx.

Leveraging China’s first independently developed “Tiantong-1” satellite mobile communication system and network, China Telecom has been providing satellite mobile services, such as voice calls and SMS, to the public within China.

With the approval of international code resources, China Telecom can now offer direct satellite communication services to international users within the coverage area of the “Tiantong-1” satellite, catering to various sectors like maritime transport, deep-sea fishing, aviation rescue, tourism, and scientific expeditions, ensuring stable and reliable mobile communication services.

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will guide China Telecom to strictly adhere to the management regulations of the International Telecommunication Union, conduct scientific planning and effective utilization of code resources, and accelerate the international operation of Tiantong satellite mobile services.

Note: The above information is compiled from multiple sources by KuaKeji (Fast Technology).

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