iPhone 16 Leak: Vertical Cameras, New Control & Shutter Buttons

March 7 Report: Exciting Updates on Apple iPhone 16 Leaked!

Recently, the source Majin Bu shared some exciting revelations in a tweet about the upcoming Apple iPhone 16. The leak included CAD renders showcasing three major updates.

iPhone 16 Leak

  1. Vertical Camera Island Design

The leaked CAD renders suggest that Apple might revamp the rear design of the iPhone 16 with a vertically aligned camera setup, as hinted by various sources.

Vertical Cameras

  1. Introduction of “Control Buttons” for Pro Models

Based on the render images, it seems that the iPhone 16 series will inherit the “control buttons” from iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max, signaling the end of the traditional mute switch in Apple’s lineup.

Control Buttons

  1. New Shutter Button

Earlier reports from IT Home citing Bloomberg journalist Mark Gurman revealed that the “shutter button” on the iPhone 16 (standard across all models) will have video recording capabilities. Recent speculations also suggest its use for capturing still photos and potentially incorporating pressure-sensitive adjustments for focus, akin to DSLR cameras.

Shutter Button

[Source: IT Home]

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