Huawei insider: P70 series date never announced

Huawei’s Insider Reveals Insights on P70 Series Delay

Recently, according to a report by Blue Whale Finance, Huawei’s internal sources have responded to rumors about the delayed release of the Huawei P70 series. They clarified that the release date had never been officially announced to the public.

One source mentioned that unlike other series which usually follow a fixed schedule based on past experience, the Huawei P series does not have a strict release date. It’s more flexible and based on empirical factors.

Earlier, a blogger @DigitalChat had mentioned a possible delay in the release of the Huawei P70 series. Previously, this blogger had hinted at a tentative launch in late March for the P70.

Combining various leaks, some specifications of the Huawei P70 series have surfaced:

  • Chip: Kirin 9xxx, with slight variations in frequencies between the standard and high-end versions.
  • Display: Approximately 6.58 inches or 6.8 inches, 2.5D 1.5K LTPO display with a gentle four-curve design.
  • Camera: OV50H or IMX989 with a physical variable aperture, featuring a 50MP ultra-wide-angle lens and a 50MP 4x periscope telephoto lens.
  • Features: New satellite communication technology and a redesigned exterior look.

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