Apple Exec: Foldable iPhone in 2026!

Apple’s Strategy on Foldable iPhones

Apple has been a topic of discussion numerous times regarding its approach to innovative product development, being both forward-thinking and conservative. The term “forward-thinking” is used because Apple introduced groundbreaking products like the iPhone X back in 2017, setting a benchmark for the entire industry. Although other companies have also dabbled in 3D facial recognition over the years, no other manufacturer has made it a standard feature across all models like Apple has with each new generation.

On the other hand, the term “conservative” is attributed to Apple’s reluctance to show any intention when other competitors entered the market with foldable screen smartphones. Is it true, as some online rumors suggest, that Apple is not interested in foldable screen iPhones? In my opinion, that’s not the case. Apple has shown readiness to take significant risks by investing heavily in research and development to launch products like the Vision Pro, aimed at a niche user base. Therefore, it is unlikely that Apple would ignore foldable smartphones, a product category that already has millions of users.

Hence, it is more plausible that Apple is quietly working on developing foldable iPhones, aiming to stun the world as they did with the iPhone X upon its release.


Recently, online sources have leaked Apple’s patent application for foldable screen smartphones, proving that Apple is not disinterested in foldable screen iPhones but rather strategically accumulating patents to ensure more control over their new products. However, filing a patent is one thing, but actual application is another matter. Moreover, based on Apple’s history of patent applications, despite the numerous filings, very few have materialized into practical use. So, does this foldable screen patent hold any practical value?


A senior Apple executive responded to this issue, stating that internally the company is thoroughly evaluating the market prospects for future foldable iPhones. While there are no issues with launching such a product, the timeline might be delayed significantly, with the potential release not until 2026. In other words, it could be two more years before we see foldable iPhones, entering the game so late – will Apple even have a chance to compete?

Apparently, Apple does not seem concerned about this matter. The executives have emphasized that due to the late entry into the foldable screen iPhone segment, maintaining competitiveness will be crucial. Apple plans to incorporate many advanced technologies into the foldable screen iPhone after two years. The device is expected to be lighter, thinner, and most importantly, address the screen crease issue that has plagued other foldable screen phone manufacturers.


It is evident that Apple is determined to stay ahead of the competition once they launch the foldable screen iPhone. What’s more, Apple has already begun preparatory work. Reportedly, in order to secure Apple’s foldable screen iPhone screen orders, Samsung and LG have already allocated dedicated production lines.

Regarding the price, I believe that the starting price for foldable screen iPhones in two years will not be less than 15,000 RMB.

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