Xiaomi’s Dream Device: MIX Flagship Returns, No Bezels!

Xiaomi’s Evolution in the Smartphone Market

In 2019, Lei Jun announced Xiaomi’s entry into the high-end smartphone market, competing against Apple and Huawei. To reshuffle their product line, Xiaomi introduced the camera-focused C series, now known as Civi, and the premium-focused number series, which has been performing exceptionally well. Lastly, Lei Jun single-handedly pioneered the concept of a full-screen display with the MIX series, hailed as the flagship product.

Unfortunately, out of the three main series, only the number series has excelled, while the C series has been lukewarm. The MIX series faced a setback in 2021 with the release of Xiaomi MIX4, which failed miserably and led to its transformation into a foldable phone series. This change left Xiaomi fans yearning for the long-anticipated Xiaomi MIX5.

Xiaomi MIX4

Despite the setback, Xiaomi fans have not wavered in their expectations for the Xiaomi MIX5. Online leaks and rumors about the Xiaomi MIX5 surface frequently, but sadly, they turn out to be false every time. While Xiaomi delays the release of the MIX5, fans watch as other brands like Nubia imitate the iconic design of Xiaomi MIX, becoming perfect substitutes for the model.

Finally, this year brought good news. According to a reliable source closely associated with Xiaomi, there is progress in the development of the MIX5, with significant technological advancements. However, the final product may not bear the name MIX5 due to the transformation of the MIX series into foldable phones.

Xiaomi MIX5 with No Bezels

Following over two months of silence, new information has emerged about this upcoming device. It is said to boast high-resolution under-screen cameras, virtual magnetic force feedback, and an ultra-thin bezel design, making it a “super flagship” with “ultra design.”

The most intriguing feature is the “ultra-thin bezel,” where Xiaomi eliminated a layer of screen structure to achieve an industry-leading high screen-to-body ratio, making the borders practically indistinguishable from the black matrix, essentially creating a screen-only front.

Xiaomi MIX5 Trim Bezels

In essence, this new Xiaomi straight-screen device achieves a borderless effect on all four sides visually. To develop and realize this technology, Xiaomi has been working on it secretly for a long time. The main challenge lies in the low yield rate, requiring Xiaomi to achieve a high rate of successful production to launch the device commercially. If successful, the device is expected to be launched between September and October, directly competing with the Huawei Mate70 series and Apple iPhone16 series head-on.

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