OnePlus ACE 3V Launching: Featuring the Latest Snapdragon 7, a Compact Powerhouse

On March 11th, OnePlus announced the release date of OnePlus Nord CE4, which will debut in India on April 1st.

The self-proclaimed “never settle” smartphone brand is about to launch its second entry-level model in the domestic market. This new device is actually named OnePlus ACE 3V in China, and its design largely follows the style of the previous generation, with the most striking change being the Deco design of the rear camera, while the color scheme remains the same as the previous generation.

(Image source: OnePlus official website)

The OnePlus ACE 3V international version is equipped with the 7 Gen 3 processor, while the domestic version will feature the more powerful Snapdragon 7+ Gen 3 processor at launch. Judging by the starting price of 1799 for the previous generation, this generation should not differ much.

In fact, since 2021, OnePlus has been focusing on the mid-range market abroad and launched its Nord CE series in the same year. This marks OnePlus’ first clear strategic shift, aiming to cover the mid-range cost-effective market segment.

(Image source: OnePlus official website)

In regions like Europe and India, the mid-range market has strong growth potential, and consumers are increasingly inclined towards cost-effective models. This is a key reason for OnePlus to enter the mid-range market.

In the face of competition in the high-end market from brands like Apple, Samsung, and Huawei, OnePlus, by entering the mid-range market, can leverage its brand awareness and technological advantage to compete with rivals in new market segments. Moreover, in times of significant global economic uncertainty, tapping into the low-cost mid-range market to expand market share is a rather wise choice.

As a brand that specializes in high-end flagship devices and has established a good reputation in overseas high-end markets, OnePlus has a clear advantage in brand recognition. Initially positioning itself as a brand for tech-savvy users, OnePlus is known for its smooth, ad-free, and close-to-stock Android experience, which indeed has earned it the “never settle” label.

(Image source: OnePlus official website)

Compared to Samsung’s mid-range models at the same price point, OnePlus often offers higher specifications, while compared to Pixel with similar specifications, it is more budget-friendly. It emphasizes a high cost-performance strategy.

Looking at the domestic entry-level mid-range market, OnePlus doesn’t have it as easy. As we all know, China’s entry-level mid-range market is a fiercely competitive battleground for major manufacturers.

realme recently launched its entry-level imaging flagship, the realme GT 12 Pro series, claiming to be the most powerful imaging flagship in its price range. It not only features the same flagship-grade vegan leather back design but also comes with the OV64b periscope telephoto lens usually found in 4000 yuan imaging flagships, starting at the same price as the OnePlus ACE 3V, which is 1799 yuan.

(Image source: realme official website)

And when it comes to the entry-level price segment, Redmi cannot be overlooked, a brand known as the gatekeeper of the entry-level segment. Its 1899 Note 13 Pro+ also offers great value for money, matching OnePlus ACE 3V in both imaging and performance.

(Image source: Xiaomi official website)

In this light, it seems that OnePlus faces some difficulties in standing out amid such fierce competition.

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