Xiaomi Car debut spikes stock over 8.5%!

Xiaomi to Launch Xiaomi Car SU7 on March 28th, Expected to Boost Stock Prices

On March 12th, according to reports from 快科技 (TechFast), Xiaomi officially announced that Xiaomi Car SU7 will be officially launched on the 28th of this month, leading to a significant increase in Xiaomi Group’s stock price.

As of now, Xiaomi Group’s stock price has surged by 8.51%, reaching HK$14.54, with a total market capitalization of HK$365 billion.

Today, Xiaomi’s founder Lei Jun posted on Weibo, saying, “On March 28th, Xiaomi SU7 will be officially released, fulfilling our three-year commitment. If you desire a car equipped with the latest smart technology and exceptional driving experience, I believe Xiaomi SU7 will be your top choice!”

At the same time, 29 cities and 59 stores across the country will start pre-sale events on March 25th, including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Ningbo, Wuxi, Chongqing, Wuhan, Hangzhou, Zhengzhou, and Xiamen.


Since Lei Jun announced the venture into the automotive industry, this news has been sparking continuous discussions. Now, Xiaomi Car is about to mark another significant milestone – the official launch of Xiaomi SU7 on March 28th.

The vehicle’s specifications were already revealed during the previous Xiaomi Car technology conference, and currently, the biggest suspense around Xiaomi SU7 is its price.

Lei Jun had previously hinted multiple times that the price of Xiaomi Cars would not be too low: “It won’t be priced at 99,000 RMB, nor will it be 149,000 RMB.”


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