$1359 Xiaomi 14 Ultra Titanium Edition Launches

Xiaomi Launches the Special Edition of Mi 14 Ultra in Titanium on March 12, 2024

Mi 14 Ultra Titanium Edition

On March 12, 2024, at 10:00 AM, Xiaomi officially started selling the Mi 14 Ultra Titanium Edition at a price of 8799 RMB. This top-of-the-line model is equipped with a storage combination of 16GB + 1TB, priced the same as the regular top-end model at 7799 RMB. However, the Titanium Edition incurs significantly higher costs due to its material composition of titanium alloy along with a dragon armor structure, greatly enhancing the overall strength of the device.

Made of pure titanium material TA-2, it has excellent ductility and toughness, and is easy to process. Furthermore, this version also uses the more robust and higher strength TC-4 titanium alloy, with a yield strength of up to 900 MPa. In the manufacturing process, traditional machining methods must be abandoned, and a complex and intricate MIM metal injection molding process is used for post-processing.

It is worth mentioning that since CNC machining requires the use of custom tools, production efficiency is lower and costs are higher. Lu Weibing disclosed that the probability of defects occurring in the manufacturing process is only 50%, making this phone one of the most expensive Ultra models in Xiaomi’s history.

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