Huawei’s ‘Letter to Comrades’ Deemed Fake News

Huawei's letter to comrades deemed fake news

Sina Technology News, May 9th – In response to rumors about Huawei’s internal release of “A Letter to Comrades,” informed sources have deemed it false news.

Recently, several foreign media outlets have cited reports claiming that the Biden administration has further tightened export restrictions on Huawei, revoking licenses for U.S. chip companies Qualcomm and Intel to sell semiconductors to Huawei. According to anonymous sources, the latest measures by the U.S. government against Huawei will affect the supply of chips for Huawei’s smartphones and laptops.

On May 8th, there were rumors circulating online that Huawei’s HiSilicon semiconductor chairman, He Tingbo, and Terminal BG chairman, Yu Chengdong, had internally released “A Letter to Comrades,” proposing the formal implementation of a contingency plan for PC chipsets developed during the “Battle of Tashan.” It demanded that HiSilicon and Terminal BG make every effort to bring products featuring the “Kirin X series” PC platform to the market this year with the fastest speed and highest quality.

Informed sources have stated that the so-called recent internal “Letter to Comrades” by Huawei is false news. Over the past few years, Huawei has withstood severe tests, gradually returning to normal operations, and flagship products are being released according to schedule, making it unlikely for internal mobilization to occur in a similar manner.

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