Honor Magic6: New Tech Breakthroughs in Debut!

In early January, Honor launched the all-new Magic6 series of smartphones, earning widespread acclaim for its solid performance across various domains including connectivity, battery life, eye protection, glass technology, imaging, and AI capabilities. In an interview, Honor CEO Zhao Ming expressed that the sales volume of the Magic6 series has increased by 70% compared to its predecessor. This marks only the prelude to Honor’s ongoing explosion of innovative technology.

Thanks to Honor’s continuous breakthroughs in technological innovation, the industry is keen to see what new tech the Honor Magic6 Ultimate Edition and the RSR Porsche Design Edition will bring to the table. How will Honor continue to lead industry innovation? These questions have naturally become the focus of great anticipation and interest among consumers and industry insiders alike.

Honor Magic6 Tech Breakthroughs

On March 15th, Xinhua News Agency broadcasted a special video report showcasing domestic smartphones like Honor, which are gathering global innovative resources and strength. Through technical empowerment and collaborative innovation, these efforts are leading to a surge in value across the entire production chain.

The report highlighted that the Honor Magic6 series will debut with the “Honor Stacked Oasis Eye Protection Screen.” This technology, co-developed by BOE Technology and Honor, is noted for its significant R&D challenges, involving hundreds of developers and considerable resource investment over a three-year project cycle.

Honor Magic6 Tech Breakthroughs

According to official Honor sources, the Honor Stacked Oasis Eye Protection Screen features an industry-first Tandem dual-stack OLED architecture, increasing the screen lifespan by 600% and improving energy efficiency by up to 40%. The birth of this screen technology holds monumental significance for the smartphone industry.

Honor Magic6 Tech Breakthroughs

How many innovative technologies can be found within a single smartphone screen? For example, the Honor Magic6 series employs a new 8T LTPO+4320Hz ultra-high frequency PWM dimming technology, co-developed with Visionox. This pioneering industry attempt resulted from more than 20 adjustment schemes, pushing China’s OLED industry to the global forefront.

Additionally, the screen technology of the new Honor Magic6 series incorporates advanced glass capabilities.

Honor has already teased that the new members of the Magic6 series will come equipped with the upgraded Honor King Kong Rhino Glass. This second-generation nano-microcrystalline glass technology, co-developed with Chengdu Photoelectric, features ten times the scratch resistance and ten times the drop resistance, becoming the industry’s first to earn the Swiss SGS multi-scenario gold standard five-star scratch and drop resistance certification.

Honor Magic6 Tech Breakthroughs

What’s noteworthy is that Honor has expressed a willingness to share the developed Rhino Glass technology with the entire industry. This means the technology is expected to see broader applications in the coming years, bringing tangible benefits to a wider consumer base.

Indeed, this is not the first time Honor has opened its technology to the industry. As early as December of the previous year, Honor made it clear that it would share the Hongyan satellite communication technology solution with the entire industry, encouraging more partners and competitors to adopt it. Honor’s experience and optimizations in chip solutions are also shared through the industry chain. Openness and inclusiveness are key principles of Honor’s innovation.

Honor Magic6 Tech Breakthroughs

Furthermore, the new Honor Magic6 series will feature a DSLR-level super dynamic eagle-eye camera and the industry-first automotive-grade LOFIC technology, another unprecedented use within the sector.

LOFIC technology is designed to better preserve high-light information in the shooting scene. Based on LOFIC technology, the image sensor can greatly increase the light tolerance for scenes with a wide range of light, achieving a 15EV high dynamic range comparable to the theoretical dynamic range of Sony’s flagship A7S3 mirrorless video camera. This technology was jointly developed by Honor and OmniVision, setting the global benchmark for wide dynamic range.

Honor Magic6 Tech Breakthroughs

In conclusion

Behind buzzwords like “industry first” and “leading,” lies Honor’s commitment to a long-term strategic vision, focusing on real user needs and pain points and driving collaborative innovation along the supply chain. It’s rare for a company to both innovate and openly share its technology, choosing to let the industry and consumers equally benefit from innovation’s rewards.

Entering its fourth year, Honor has become a trailblazer in industry innovation, and technologies like the Honor Stacked Oasis Eye Protection Screen, King Kong Rhino Glass, and the super dynamic eagle-eye camera embody not just Honor’s leadership but also the collective high-quality growth and high-end advancement of China’s smartphone industry chain.

A single smartphone represents a massive industry chain worth hundreds of billions. Each new technology and product that embodies new productive forces acts as a powerful impetus, pushing the entire chain towards comprehensive upgrades. As Zhao Ming stated, “When we carry out joint innovation with our domestic partners, create a win-win situation with global partners, it forms a mutually beneficial scenario.”

Honor Magic6 Tech Breakthroughs

As a vital leading enterprise and a key player in the smart technology ecosystem, Honor continues to advance shoulder to shoulder with its industry chain partners. Each breakthrough propels the entire chain forward, contributing significantly to the flourishing development of the Chinese smartphone industry.

March 18th is set for the launch of an array of new products, including the Honor Magic6 Ultimate Edition and the Honor Magic6 RSR Porsche Design Edition. Let’s look forward to it!

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