Next iPad Air: Omdia Forecasts OLED Screen

According to the latest forecast from the research firm Omdia, the iPad Air will become the next Apple tablet to adopt OLED screen technology following the upcoming OLED iPad Pro model.

iPad Air

This Thursday, Omdia researcher Kang Min-soo stated at the 2024 South Korea Display Conference held in Seoul: “In 2028, we expect the iPad Air to also adopt OLED technology. The iPad Air will feature a single-layer OLED, while the iPad Pro will utilize a dual-layer stacked OLED.”

Currently, the iPhone uses a single-layer OLED screen with only one emitting layer.

Omdia’s latest forecast is an adjustment to their earlier predictions from this year, where the company had mentioned that Apple would release OLED-screen iPads in 2026, including an 8.3-inch iPad mini and a 10.8-inch iPad Air model.

Multiple sources have indicated that Apple’s next-generation OLED iPad Pro is expected to be unveiled in the coming weeks.

Source: Wei Feng Network

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