Apple fined €1.4B by Spotify’s EU complaint

Spotify Accuses Apple of Delaying App Updates in EU Complaint

On March 15th, according to reports from the media, music streaming platform Spotify has recently filed a complaint against Apple with the European Union, claiming that Apple is intentionally delaying the review of Spotify’s app updates.

Spotify stated that Apple’s App Store has failed to comply with EU regulatory requirements, and instead, has been refusing to update the Spotify application.

Earlier this month, Apple was fined 18.4 billion euros (approximately 143.9 billion RMB) by the European Union for preventing music streaming services like Spotify from informing users about alternative subscription methods and more cost-effective pricing, deemed as an abuse of dominant position.

The day after the judgment was issued, Spotify submitted an application update to Apple, including an option to make payments without going through the Apple App Store. However, Spotify mentioned that since the submission, Apple has not responded.

Spotify claims that Apple is deliberately stalling to gain more time to strategize and find ways to circumvent or not comply with the decision of the European Commission.

At the same time, Spotify has also requested the EU to urge Apple to promptly approve the app update.


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