Mi 14 Ultra outselling Huawei Pocket 2?

Comparative Analysis of Xiaomi 14Ultra and Huawei Pocket 2 Sales

Today, many netizens have expressed that, from a certain online platform, the sales of Xiaomi 14Ultra smartphones have surpassed those of Huawei Pocket 2. This seems to indicate that Xiaomi 14Ultra is selling better. Here’s the breakdown:

Xiaomi vs Huawei Sales

From this particular platform, it can be observed that:

  1. Xiaomi 14Ultra receives approximately 100 new reviews daily.

  2. Huawei Pocket 2 garners around 50 new comments per day.

Hence, based solely on online observations, it appears that Xiaomi 14Ultra outsells Huawei Pocket 2 by a margin of two to one.

Sales Ratio

However, it’s important to note that one of Huawei’s biggest strengths lies in its physical stores. With Huawei’s physical stores scattered across various cities, towns, and villages nationwide, a significant portion of Huawei’s sales occurs through these offline channels. Consequently, Xiaomi 14Ultra’s shipment volume may still fall short in comparison to Huawei Pocket 2’s.

Physical Stores Impact

In fact, data from research institutions reveals that approximately 800 units of the Huawei Mate 60 series have been sold. However, online sales figures stand at only around 1-2 million units. This indicates that a large portion of Huawei Mate 60 series smartphones are distributed through offline channels. Several reports have also highlighted the phenomenon of Huawei fans queuing up at Huawei’s physical stores to experience the new Huawei models.

Offline Sales Dominance

Therefore, when assessing sales channels, it’s crucial not to rely solely on online platforms or a single online marketplace. However, what can be affirmed is that this time around, Xiaomi 14Ultra has made a significant impact, firmly challenging the high-end flagship segment.

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