NVIDIA Launches World’s First Humanoid Robot!

The Launch of Project GR00T: Nvidia Unveils World’s First Humanoid Robot at GTC Developer Conference

On March 19th, at Nvidia’s annual GTC developer conference, Jensen Huang announced the launch of Project GR00T, including the world’s first humanoid robot base model.

Huang explained that with the GR00T humanoid robot base model, it is possible to understand natural language, mimic human actions, and quickly learn coordination, flexibility, and other skills through language, video, and human demonstrations, thus enabling seamless integration into the real world for interaction with humans.

During his presentation, Huang demonstrated several humanoid robots powered by GR00T to perform various tasks, including robots from Agility Robotics, Apptronik, Fourier Intelligence, and Unitree Robotics.

To ensure that robots can run complex multimodal models like GR00T, Nvidia also introduced the Jetson Thor development kit for humanoid robots.

This kit is based on Nvidia’s Thor SoC, which includes a high-performance CPU cluster and the next-generation GPU architecture called Blackwell, providing AI computing power of up to 800 Teraflops (10 trillion floating-point operations per second).

Nvidia also updated its ISSAC robot platform, offering developers a robust end-to-end platform for developing, simulating, and deploying AI robots, supporting synchronous training and simulation of thousands of robots.

Huang further mentioned that Nvidia and BYD have initiated collaboration in the development of warehouse autonomous robots based on ISSAC.

Humanoid Robot

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