128GB Spacious? Local Brands Smirk

How much storage capacity does your phone have?

Recently, Apple released a promotional video stating that even with the base model of the iPhone 15, which has 128GB, there is “plenty of space” through cloud storage to store a large number of photos.

One could say that Apple is really going all out this time. Is cloud storage free? Honestly, with the current increase in the size of apps, where a single WeChat account can already take up several tens of gigabytes, only Apple dares to start with 128GB phones, right? Moreover, even if Apple has small memory sizes, it would be a good idea to apply some cutting-edge technology to improve memory space utilization. Unfortunately, it’s not available at the moment.

On the other hand, regarding domestic phones, there are many technologies for memory optimization. For instance, OPPO ColorOS system’s ROM refreshing storage technology can compress data of infrequently used apps inside the phone without loss, ensuring that the internal space is not consumed by duplicate files. It can save up to 20GB in a 256GB memory space, serving as a real memory savior. Furthermore, OPPO phones come with memory expansion technology that can address users’ urgent needs for more memory, transforming 12GB into 19GB instantly, preventing the phone from lagging due to insufficient memory. This feature is indeed much stronger compared to Apple. Hopefully, Apple can catch up with OPPO’s pace!

Lastly, I’d like to ask all of you, is 128GB of storage enough for your use?

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