Honor Magic6 Ultimate: Qilian Lake Design, 5600mAh, only $1049

Introducing the Honor Magic6 Ultimate: A New Era in High-End Smartphones

In the era of digitalization, the smartphone market is always filled with innovation and competition. Recently, the Honor Magic6 Ultimate was officially launched, not only challenging the high-end market but also directly competing with flagship models such as Huawei Mate60 Pro and Xiaomi 14 Ultra, showcasing its ambition and strength. The Honor Magic6 Ultimate is not just a phone; it is a blend of technology and natural aesthetics, a leap in smartphone design and technological innovation.

Design: Inspired by the Qilian Tianchi

The Honor Magic6 Ultimate boldly innovates in design, with a distinctive appearance that stands out. Inspired by the Qilian Tianchi in northwestern China, known as a “mysterious place,” this design philosophy sets the Honor Magic6 Ultimate apart in the high-end smartphone market. Instead of traditional black or silver, it exudes a deep, clear, and ever-changing vibe like the Tianchi. This unique aesthetic design sets it apart visually from the Xiaomi 14 Ultra and Huawei Mate60 Pro, achieving true personalization and uniqueness.

Honor Magic6 Ultimate Design

Camera: Revolutionary Imaging Experience with Ultra Dynamic Variable Eagle Eye Main Camera

In terms of camera setup, the Honor Magic6 Ultimate demonstrates its leading technological prowess. Equipped with the ultra dynamic variable Eagle Eye main camera H9800, featuring a large 1/1.3-inch sensor for better light collection, a 180 million-pixel periscope telephoto lens, a 50 million-pixel ultra-wide macro lens, and a 12 million-pixel laser focus camera.

Honor Magic6 Ultimate Camera

With a front camera of 50 million pixels, it captures every detail with remarkable clarity and vivid colors, whether in distant landscapes or the micro world. This combination of features positions the Honor Magic6 Ultimate far ahead in imaging capabilities, heralding a new era in mobile photography.

Display and Performance: Perfect Fusion of Cutting-Edge Technology

The Honor Magic6 Ultimate boasts a 6.80-inch screen with 1-120Hz all-round low-power LTPO display technology. It not only automatically adjusts the refresh rate based on content but also significantly reduces power consumption while ensuring a smooth experience. With a pixel density of 453 PPI, peak brightness of 5000nits and global peak brightness of 1600nits, it delivers clear and bright display effects in any lighting condition. The 4320Hz extreme PWM dimming technology further reduces screen flicker, protecting users’ visual health. Additionally, powered by the third-generation Snapdragon 8 processor, it offers an incredibly smooth experience for daily use and large-scale gaming.

Honor Magic6 Ultimate Performance

Battery Life and Fast Charging: Setting New Milestones

In terms of battery technology, the Honor Magic6 Ultimate showcases its spirit of innovation. Featuring the second-generation Qinghai Lake battery technology, the 5600mAh ultra-large capacity battery provides long-lasting usage while maintaining a slim design. Enhanced by the self-developed efficiency enhancement chip HONOR E1, it effectively improves the battery’s charging and discharging efficiency. The 80W super-fast charging and 66W wireless fast charging capabilities push charging efficiency to new heights, quickly replenishing most of the battery in a short time, reducing waiting time significantly, and providing robust support for users leading a fast-paced life.

Honor Magic6 Ultimate Battery and Fast Charging

Communication Technology: Redefining Future Communication

The Honor Magic6 Ultimate not only impresses with its hardware configuration but also stands out for its innovative communication technology. The Honor Hongyan communication technology, Nine Heaven Sound Transmission, and direct connection to Tian Tong satellites enable basic communication needs even in areas without network coverage. For users who travel frequently or engage in outdoor adventures, this technology undoubtedly adds a layer of security. Its inclusion not only showcases Honor’s strong presence in the communication field but also confirms its position as a technology innovator in the market.

Honor Magic6 Ultimate Communication Technology

Price and Configuration: High-End Cost-Effective Choice

In the high-end flagship market, price is often a key concern for users. The Honor Magic6 Ultimate is available in two configurations: 16GB+512GB and 16GB+1TB, priced at 6999 yuan and 7699 yuan, respectively. Considering its comprehensive lead in design, imaging, performance, battery life, and communication technology, this pricing undoubtedly offers outstanding value for money. It not only provides users with cutting-edge technological experiences but also allows more users to enjoy the convenience and joy of high-end smartphones at a relatively reasonable price.


The debut of the Honor Magic6 Ultimate is not just a challenge to the existing high-end smartphone market but also a glimpse into the future trends of smartphone development. With unique design philosophy and cutting-edge technological innovation, it brings users an unprecedented smart experience. Whether for tech enthusiasts or everyday users seeking a better quality of life, the Honor Magic6 Ultimate is an exceptional choice. In this age of accelerated digitalization, it is not just a phone but also a bridge connecting to the future.

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