Honor’s First Mini Foldable Phone with Snapdragon & Big Battery Revealed!

On March 20, during an interview at the recent Honor 2024 Spring Flagship new product launch event, Honor CEO Zhao Ming revealed some information about the Honor Flip mini foldable device.

“Honor will launch a Flip mini foldable product in 2024. Our approach to mini foldable products will adhere to Honor’s consistent value proposition and product philosophy, ensuring that we bring a unique product experience to the industry.”

Previously, at the MWC2024 conference, Zhao Ming had already hinted to the media about Honor’s upcoming release of a Flip mini foldable screen phone. According to various digital bloggers and influencers, Honor’s mini foldable screen is expected to stand out significantly from other manufacturers’ offerings.

Honor’s First Mini Foldable Phone

(Image Source: Honor)

Considering that vertical mini foldable screens are mainly targeted at female users, manufacturers typically strive for a slim design that caters to female aesthetics. To comply with these design considerations, manufacturers often need to make compromises in key areas such as processors, battery capacity, speaker specifications, and imaging systems. For Honor’s vertical foldable screen to stand out, they will likely need to focus on these crucial aspects and seek innovative solutions to balance aesthetics and performance.

Vertical foldable screen phones currently on the market mostly use mid-range processors. The vertical foldable design limits internal space, which in turn affects heat dissipation. Therefore, for heat dissipation considerations, performance is usually compromised in vertical foldable designs. Earlier leaks from digital bloggers suggested that Honor’s mini foldable screen will feature a high-performance Snapdragon platform, potentially setting it apart from other manufacturers significantly.

(Image Source: Weibo@数码闲聊站)

Next, in terms of battery capacity, as mentioned earlier, the limited internal space of vertical foldable phones necessitates a reduction in battery capacity. Honor’s self-developed Qinghai Lake battery, known for its high density and slim profile, aligns perfectly with the spatial constraints of the vertical mini foldable phone, potentially offering a more optimized battery solution for the device.

Honor’s First Mini Foldable Phone

(Image Source: Honor Official Website)

Furthermore, in terms of screen form factor, most current vertical foldable phones adopt a dual-screen design. Honor previously released an externally folding vertical foldable screen phone, though it remains uncertain if they will retain the same design for their new vertical foldable screen product. Given the beloved attributes of vertical foldable screens by female users for their compact, delicate, and slim nature, Honor might introduce a design more suitable for male users in their new foldable screen product to broaden their target market.

Honor’s First Mini Foldable Phone

(Image Source: Honor Official Website)

According to a market research report from Canalys on the China market shipment share rankings for the third quarter of 2023, Honor held the top spot with an 18% market share, and the Honor Magic V2 secured the top spot in foldable screen market sales. Honor only entered the foldable screen market in 2022, yet swiftly rose to prominence, claiming the leading position within a short span of two years.

Although they entered the market relatively recently, Honor’s strong performance in the foldable screen sector indicates their prowess. With Honor’s entry, the vertical foldable screen market is expected to receive a fresh wave of vitality.

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