Win11 Major Update Beta Expands! Preview now supports PC-camera link.

Exciting Update from Microsoft for Windows 11 Preview Members

On March 20th, according to the latest news from TechNews, Microsoft recently announced a significant update for Windows 11 preview members. They introduced a new feature allowing users to use the camera on their mobile devices as a webcam for their PCs.

This feature has been rolled out to preview members since March 1st this year, and today, it was announced that it will be available for all Windows 11 preview systems.

Currently, all Windows 11 preview versions support the functionality of accessing the cameras on smartphones and tablets. This means that in any video application on a Windows 11 PC, users can utilize the cameras on their Android smartphones or tablets.

The introduction of this feature enables users to flexibly utilize the camera on their mobile devices on PCs via wireless connections, offering great convenience.

Users can also switch between front and rear cameras, pause live streams when the connection is interrupted, and enjoy beauty filters provided by their mobile devices.

To use this feature, users need to ensure that their mobile devices run on Android 9.0 or higher and the “Link to Windows” app version is 1.24012 or higher.

Activating this feature is simple: just navigate to “Settings” > “Bluetooth and devices” > “Mobile devices” on your PC, then select “Manage devices” and allow your computer to access your Android phone.

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