Notepad Goes Cross-Platform! Spellcheck in Win 11

Date: 2024-03-22 10:20:49

Author: Yao Liwei

Notepad feature in Windows 11 with cross-platform spell check

Thank you to our netizen friends: Soft Media’s new friend 2010825 and Southern China’s “Wu Yanzu” for the lead!

In the latest version of Windows 11 system, the Notepad application has added a “Spell Check” feature. This feature was officially released on March 22nd and is available for testing by members of the Windows Insider program in the Canary and Dev channels.

The updated version number is 11.2402.18.0. With the introduction of the spell check feature, when users use Notepad and come across words that seem to be misspelled, they will be highlighted and real-time correction suggestions will be provided.

Enabling the spell check feature in Notepad is very simple. Users just need to follow these steps: place the cursor on the word to be corrected or press Shift+F10 to view suggested correct spelling.

By default, some file types will automatically enable this feature, but log files and other programming-related file types will have this feature turned off by default. Users can also set spell check to apply to all documents or specific file formats, and can temporarily enable it by right-clicking at any time.

Currently, Microsoft has only invited a select group of Canary and Dev channel Windows Insider members to experience this new feature, so not all users will see the new version of Notepad. It is expected that this feature will gradually expand to more user groups in the coming weeks.

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