24GB+1TB+2K Display, Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 Flagship Now at Record Low – From $579

High Popularity Doesn’t Always Mean High Sales

High popularity doesn’t necessarily translate into high sales. Many popular products are only sought after by internet users out of curiosity, without any intention to purchase. For businesses, however, having popularity is better than being ignored. Therefore, sometimes they come up with ways to boost popularity. For instance, offering a 24GB RAM version for a smartphone is an example of this strategy. While higher RAM is generally better for a phone, the current 16GB RAM experience is already quite satisfactory. The immediate enhancements in user experience with a 24GB RAM are not very apparent.

24GB RAM phone

Moreover, the 24GB RAM version tends to be more expensive, resulting in fewer consumers willing to make the purchase. Still, some phone manufacturers release a 24GB+1TB top-of-the-line version for their models. In reality, these manufacturers do not expect high sales from this version. Rather, it serves as a method to increase popularity. Once the objective is achieved, they gradually discontinue the production of these versions. Consequently, many 24GB+1TB models in the market, like the OnePlus 12, have been discontinued.

OnePlus 12

The top-tier variant of the OnePlus 12 is equipped with the 24GB+1TB configuration. Currently, only the white variant is available, as the other colors are sold out and not being restocked. This situation was somewhat anticipated. As a premium flagship under the subsidiary brand of OPPO, OnePlus, its starting price begins at 4299 yuan. Although OnePlus devices are known for their high cost-performance ratio, the 24GB RAM top-of-the-line version of this phone is priced at a steep 5799 yuan, making it relatively expensive.

OnePlus 12 Features

Consequently, the sales of this version are expected to be limited. However, this strategy still holds significance. The OnePlus 12 is a milestone flagship for OnePlus, celebrating its tenth anniversary. The reason for its starting price of 4299 yuan is attributed to its impressive specifications. The presence of the 24GB RAM top-of-the-line version serves the purpose of increasing popularity successfully. Among similar high-end flagships, having a 24GB RAM variant is rare, granting it more attention and aiding in sales.

OnePlus 12 Specs

This flagship smartphone even rivals the high-end flagships priced at 4999 yuan from other brands. It features a top-tier Snapdragon 8Gen3 processor, a rear Hasselblad camera system with ultra-wide to telephoto capabilities supporting up to 120x zoom, and breaks 18 screen performance records with its new generation 2K display. Moreover, equipped with a 5400mAh large battery supporting 100W fast charging and 50W wireless charging, it also features rainwater touch control and boasts a top-tier haptic motor.

OnePlus 12 Features

However, even the best smartphones require effective marketing. Hence, OPPO has introduced the 24GB RAM version. Despite this, many users who purchase this phone still opt for the 16GB+1TB variant instead of forcefully pursuing the 24GB RAM version. It is noteworthy that the flagship Snapdragon 8Gen3 has seen a significant price drop as well, with the 16GB+1TB version now priced around 4600 yuan, and the base model starting at just 3869 yuan, enhancing its overall competitiveness by outperforming many more expensive flagships.

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