Xiaomi execs test SU7; Lei Jun on delayed price reveal

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Xiaomi’s Chairman, Lei Jun, responded today to the news about Xiaomi SU7.

Xiaomi SU7

He mentioned that to ensure product quality, Xiaomi conducted an additional mass production car test, and many people in multiple cities have seen the Xiaomi SU7 around.

This test was the largest nationwide, with all executives personally involved, accumulating a total test mileage exceeding 100,000 kilometers.

Lei Jun himself participated in the tests several times, with the furthest one being from Beijing to Shanghai, covering more than 1200 kilometers in a journey lasting 15 hours, including two charging stops and two rest breaks.

Regarding the pricing issue, Lei Jun stated that Xiaomi SU7 is a luxurious C-class car with powerful features.

Although the price is relatively high, he believes everyone will find it well worth the value after witnessing the launch event.

Lei Jun, Chairman of Xiaomi, shared that many people have been asking why Xiaomi SU7’s price has not been revealed yet.

In response, Lei Jun explained that the entire automobile industry has a long cycle from the initial announcement to the official launch, which can span up to six months; prices are typically disclosed during the official product launch event.

From the technical presentation to the product launch of Xiaomi SU7, it only took three months, and we plan to announce it at the event on the 28th, quite a speedy process.

Xiaomi SU7

During these three months, Xiaomi has mainly focused on three key areas:

  1. Initial small-scale production at Xiaomi’s car factory to prepare for future mass production;

  2. Establishment of a nationwide sales, service, and delivery network for Xiaomi cars, with the first batch covering 29 cities and 59 stores set to commence previews on March 25;

  3. To ensure impeccable quality, Xiaomi conducted another mass production car test, the largest in all car factories, with all executives taking part in the test.

Regarding the price of Xiaomi SU7, Lei Jun emphasized that as a C-class luxury sedan with powerful features, it may come with a slightly higher price tag, but he is confident that everyone will ultimately find it highly valuable.

It is reported that Xiaomi SU7 will open for static appreciation on March 25, officially launch on the 28th, and offer test drives to the public on the 29th.

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