Lei Jun: Xiaomi SU7, top pick for Apple fans; best ride under $50k.

On March 26, news has it that there are only 2 days left until the official release of Xiaomi SU7. Are you ready to welcome it?

Lei Jun attaches great importance to Xiaomi’s first car, expressing his hope that Xiaomi SU7 will become the top choice for Apple users.

“Don’t worry, Apple users. Xiaomi SU7 provides comprehensive and thorough support for the Apple ecosystem. We aim for Xiaomi SU7 to be the preferred car for Apple users,” said Lei Jun.

Furthermore, Lei Jun also talked about Apple’s decision to abandon car manufacturing, understanding Cook’s perspective as the challenges in this industry are immense.

Regarding the positioning of Xiaomi SU7, Lei Jun stated that it is the best-looking, best-driving, and most intelligent sedan priced at under 500,000. It is the top choice regardless of the price range.

Lastly, Lei Jun expressed strong disapproval towards brand premium. “Brand premium is a term that Xiaomi detests the most. We ask ordinary consumers, do you always wish for something to be good and affordable? Do you want a premium on something? Unless you are buying luxury goods or buying for the sake of face.”

Lei Jun - Xiaomi SU7 - Top Pick for Apple Fans - Best Ride Under $50k

Source: Kuai Technology

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