Lei Jun’s Mi Car Workwear Sold Out Instantly, Limited to 800 Pieces

On March 27th, it was announced that Xiaomi Mall recently released the same car workwear worn by Lei Jun, priced at 299 yuan, and limited to 800 pieces, which were quickly sold out in a short period of time.

With only 800 limited pieces available, some netizens expressed their hopes that more could be restocked.

However, Lei Jun clarified that these 800 pieces are indeed Xiaomi car workwear meant for employees, and there are only a total of 800 pieces, confirming that they have run out of stock.

Due to being the same style as Lei Jun’s and directly associated with Xiaomi cars, the Xiaomi car workwear has attracted significant attention.

Moreover, the workwear features a stand-up collar design inspired by racing suits, incorporating commemorative elements from the unveiling of the Xiaomi car factory, as well as longitude and latitude elements of the factory and the classic Xiaomi logo and lettering, giving it a stylish appearance.

【Source: MyDrivers】

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