Lei Jun gifts an Xiaomi SU7 to Zhang

Xiaomi Founder Lei Jun Prepares a Xiaomi SU7 as a Gift for Brand Ambassador Zhang Songwen

March 30th, Quick Technology News – This afternoon, Xiaomi’s founder Lei Jun expressed on Weibo that he has prepared a Xiaomi SU7 as a gift for the brand ambassador Zhang Songwen and asked him which color he prefers.

Many netizens in the comments section showered Lei with praise for his thoughtfulness.

Lei Jun gifts an Xiaomi SU7 to Zhang

It is known that the Xiaomi SU7 series has three versions: the standard version starting at 215,900 RMB, the Pro version starting at 245,900 RMB, and the Max version starting at 299,900 RMB.

Among them, the top-of-the-line Max version offers the best value for money. It is equipped with a 495kW dual-motor four-wheel drive, accelerates from zero to one hundred kilometers per hour in 2.78 seconds, comes with a Ningde 101-degree Kirin battery and a quasi-800V high-voltage silicon carbide platform, reaching a maximum voltage of 871V.

After its release, the Xiaomi SU7 attracted high attention, frequently trending on Weibo’s hot search list. According to official data, 88,898 units of the SU7 have been pre-ordered within 24 hours of its launch, breaking industry records.

It is worth mentioning that after the press conference, NIO’s founder Li Bin commented, “Xiaomi’s SU7 is too impressive; it makes it difficult for us to price our joy products properly.”

Lei Jun gifts an Xiaomi SU7 to Zhang

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