Microsoft & OpenAI’s new AI super project: “Stargate”, $100B invested

On March 30th, according to the overseas tech media The Information, Microsoft is collaborating with OpenAI to invest $100 billion in developing a new artificial intelligence supercomputer under the codename “Stargate.”


Interestingly, “Stargate” is also the title of a movie released in 1994, known in Chinese as “星际之门” (Xīngjì zhī mén). The tech website IT Home found information indicating that MGM and Warner Bros. are planning to reboot the classic sci-fi film “Stargate” from 1994, with the renowned director Roland Emmerich at the helm. The reboot is envisioned as a trilogy.

Shifting back to the AI supercomputer project by Microsoft and OpenAI, reports suggest that the two companies have outlined a development plan comprising five stages, currently advancing through the third phase. Microsoft is said to be responsible for financing and hardware support of the project, which is expected to be completed by the year 2028.

The media also highlights a crucial aspect of the “Stargate” project, which is OpenAI’s ability to deliver the GPT-5 model within the stipulated timeframe. OpenAI is reportedly planning to launch GPT-5 in early 2025.

[Source: IT Home]

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