Xiaomi AI Glitch

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Lei Jun posted on his personal Weibo saying, “Last night’s press conference felt like taking the college entrance examination.”

On March 28 at 19:00, the long-awaited Xiaomi SU7 launch event took place as scheduled. Xiaomi Group’s founder, chairman, and CEO, Lei Jun, announced the official launch of Xiaomi’s first car model, the SU7. The standard version is priced at 215,900 yuan, the Pro version at 245,900 yuan, and the Max version at 299,900 yuan. During the event, Lei Jun repeatedly called out “Xiao Ai Classmate,” which caused Xiaomi speakers across the country to respond simultaneously, ultimately crashing Xiao Ai Classmate.

The super high configuration combined with the unexpectedly competitive pricing of the Xiaomi SU7 immediately triggered a rush of orders upon its launch. That evening, Xiaomi Automotive’s official Weibo account continuously released good news. The new car exceeded 10,000 orders in 4 minutes, 20,000 orders in 7 minutes, and surpassed 50,000 orders in just 27 minutes after being launched.

With such a swiftly selling pace, it felt like instantly going back to the Mi Fan Festival. Many netizens commented that the arrival of the Xiaomi SU7 made buying a car feel like buying a mobile phone.

Affected by the above news, Xiaomi Group (ADR) surged by 12.13%, closing at $10.619 per share.

After the conference, Li Bin from NIO and Lei Jun collaborated on a video, praising “Xiaomi is too powerful”: NIO’s new car pricing is a challenge.

In the early hours of March 29, Lei Jun posted on his personal Weibo, saying, “Morning! The press conference last night felt like taking an exam for me, and I planned to sleep well after it. However, I woke up early this morning.”

Many excited netizens left comments expressing successful bookings and preparing for test drives, with some already urging for faster delivery.




Today, the concept stocks of Xiaomi cars collectively opened higher. Haitaike competes at 20 cm limit, Tianyu, and Chaoda equipment rose by more than 10%, Kaizhong shares opened at the limit, Xingwang Yuda, Innovation New Materials, Sanlian Forging, among others, opened more than 5% higher.

Midday news on March 29 stated that regarding the issue where users found it difficult to get a refund of a 5000 yuan car deposit, Xiaomi responded that refunds are supported within 7 days without a reason. After 7 days, the vehicle configuration will be automatically locked. Customers can also proactively lock the configuration early. Once the order is locked, the car will enter the production stage, and the configuration cannot be modified further, with the deposit being non-refundable. Additionally, the Founding Edition configurations are already locked in. After paying a 20,000 yuan deposit, customers can secure their order.

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