Xiaomi Event Gaffe: Lei’s Call Crashes AI

Unexpected Incident at Xiaomi Event – “Call to Xiao Ai Classmate” Crashes Servers

On March 29th, in a surprising turn of events, Lei Jun caused a nationwide uproar during last night’s Xiaomi SU7 launch event by repeatedly calling out for Xiao Ai Classmate.

When users called out “Xiao Ai Classmate,” they received an unexpected response: “Network service is experiencing issues, please check the network status.”

It is known that Xiaomi SU7 is equipped with a large AI model, working in conjunction with the Xiao Ai Classmate voice assistant to bring a brand-new smart driving experience.

While introducing this feature, Lei Jun called out “Xiao Ai Classmate” multiple times, inadvertently activating Xiaomi speakers in the homes of the audience.

However, due to the widespread ownership of Xiaomi speakers among the audience, this action led to a nationwide response from Xiaomi speakers simultaneously, essentially launching an attack on the Xiao Ai Classmate servers, ultimately resulting in server crashes.

A viewer watching the live stream on the Xiaomi store revealed that at that moment, the staff were overwhelmed as dozens of devices kept responding with “I’m here.”

Source: Tech News

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