JD Quick, Xiaomi Team Up – New SU7 Accessories, 30-Min Delivery

On the evening of March 28th, as Xiaomi’s first smart car, the SU7, was officially launched and pre-orders began, new SU7 accessories were also released for sale. Apart from eagerly awaiting the delivery of their Xiaomi SU7, quickly getting their hands on the new SU7 accessories has also become a focal point of attention for “Mi Fans”. Recently, JD’s instant retail platform, JD Daojia, and Xiaomi announced a further deepening of their strategic partnership, focusing on aspects such as diversified supply, new product marketing, user digitization, etc., to engage in deeper cooperation and continuously upgrade the instant retail service of Xiaomi’s ecosystem products. The new SU7 accessories were also launched on JD Daojia for the first time, allowing “Mi Fans” to experience the speed and the “SU7 vibe”.

For consumers, they can go to the “Daojia” channel on the JD app homepage, and enter a nearby Xiaomi store to make purchases. Not only SU7 accessories, but also a wide range of Xiaomi ecosystem products such as smartphones, tablets, headphones, speakers, smart home devices, and appliances are available for purchase. After placing an order, the goods are shipped from the nearest Xiaomi store and delivered to the doorstep by the fastest DaDa Kuai Song rider within 30 minutes. As a strategic partner of Xiaomi, JD Daojia also launched the “Xiaomi Weekend Membership Day” event from March 29th to 31st, where Xiaomi members can receive VIP coupons of up to 500 RMB. The “Xiaomi Weekend Membership Day” will also become a marketing IP, with activities scheduled to launch every weekend.

Wang Xiaoyan, Vice President of Xiaomi Group and President of the China Region, stated, “By combining the digital capabilities of JD Daojia and Xiaomi’s platforms, on one hand, we can offer users a consistent shopping experience without distinguishing between online and offline by having the same products and promotions; on the other hand, by empowering stores through the online platform, the business radius of stores is greatly expanded, helping stores improve operational efficiency, and adding ‘efficiency wings’ to the ‘experiential’ and ‘instant’ advantages offline. In the future, both parties will continue to work together to extend instant consumption experiences to more Xiaomi users.”

The rapid development of the instant retail market is increasingly significant for the 3C industry. With the silent change in consumer trends, the instant retail model is no longer just for emergencies but to meet the growing demand for convenience shopping with “buy now, get now” convenience. Xiaomi and JD Daojia have always maintained a close working relationship.

Taking the smartphone category as an example, one of the key points of cooperation between the two parties is the first sale of new products. Since JD Daojia became the preferred “quick access to the new” instant retail platform for Xiaomi in 2022, Xiaomi’s annual new phone models, including the Xiaomi 14 Ultra, Redmi K70 series, Xiaomi 14 series, among others, have been first launched and sold on the JD Daojia platform, providing consumers with a better “chasing the new” experience, allowing them to taste the new phones without leaving their homes, and also bringing greater sales growth to Xiaomi stores.


Currently, nearly 7,000 Xiaomi stores have been listed on JD Daojia. Following the deepening of strategic cooperation between JD Daojia and Xiaomi, they will deeply collaborate in optimizing new product launch services, user digital operations, and enriching supply ecology, and continue to improve and innovate instant 3C category consumption services to bring a faster, better, and more cost-effective consumer experience to a wider audience.

Source: JINRONGJIE Information

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