Lei Jun on EV motion sickness: Xiaomi SU7 won’t cause it

On April 1st, there has been recent discussion among netizens on Weibo regarding the issue of “motion sickness in electric cars.” Some pointed out that some electric vehicles may induce motion sickness during operation, which has been a persistent issue hindering the widespread adoption of electric cars. In response to this, Lei Jun stated that Xiaomi has devoted considerable effort to specifically address this problem. He also suggested that netizens try test-driving the Xiaomi SU7, stating that “the Xiaomi SU7 definitely won’t cause motion sickness.”

Lei Jun's Weibo

Although Lei Jun did not explicitly mention how Xiaomi addressed the issue of motion sickness, industry insiders speculate that the effectiveness of the Xiaomi SU7 in alleviating motion sickness may be related to its advanced power system and intelligent control technology. The stability and passenger comfort of the vehicle during operation have been significantly improved, thereby reducing the likelihood of passengers experiencing motion sickness.

Lei Jun

Currently, technological advancements offer a possibility for addressing the “motion sickness in electric cars” issue. However, how to popularize this technology across more vehicle models while ensuring cost-effectiveness remains a major challenge for automakers.

[Source: Phoenix Technology]

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