Musk: AI Could Outpace Humans in a Year, Pending Chip & Power Supply

Elon Musk Predicts Artificial Intelligence Could Surpass Humans in 2022 or 2026

On April 9th, according to reports by the media, Elon Musk made the latest prediction during an interview that artificial intelligence may surpass the smartest humans either next year or by 2026.

Musk stated, “If we define general artificial intelligence as intelligence surpassing the smartest humans, I think it could be as soon as next year, or at most within two years.”

Musk believes that the chip supply shortage that the AI industry faced in the past is being alleviated, but new challenges have emerged, as AI models continue to demand more from data center equipment and the power grid.

Last year, the main challenge in the AI industry was the chip shortage, making it difficult for people to acquire enough NVIDIA chips; this year, the focus is shifting towards voltage transformer supplies.

“It is expected that the main bottleneck in the development of the AI industry in the next one to two years will be the power supply.” Musk stated.

Musk also revealed that xAI is training the second generation Grok model, “We believe it may be superior to GPT-4,” and is expected to complete this phase of work in May.

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