SmartJi Launch Flub on SU7

Smartji L6 Officially Launched with Pricing Ranging from 230,000 to 330,000 RMB

On April 8th, the Smartji L6 was officially launched with a price range from 230,000 to 330,000 RMB. Positioned as a “super intelligent sedan,” it shares similar specifications with the Xiaomi SU7, with a highly overlapping price range. The higher-end and standard versions of L6 are slightly more expensive than the latter. During the launch event, Smartji’s Co-CEO, Liu Tao, mentioned Xiaomi’s cars several times, almost considering the Xiaomi SU7 as a direct competitor.

Smartji Launch

However, this direct confrontation took an embarrassing turn at the launch event.

Shortly after the event, Smartji’s Co-CEO Liu Tao issued an apology, acknowledging that there was misinformation in the product research, leading to an error in the event: Both Xiaomi SU7 and Smartji L6 utilize SIC silicon carbide modules for both the front and rear motors. Liu Tao expressed, “Xiaomi SU7 is indeed a competitor we highly respect! Hereby, I sincerely apologize to Xiaomi and everyone.”

Smartji Launch Apology

At the event, Smartji mentioned that Xiaomi SU7’s front motor uses IGBT (insulated gate bipolar transistor).

Soon after, Xiaomi’s official Weibo account, through its spokesperson, publicly stated that Smartji had incorrectly labeled key parameters of Xiaomi SU7 Max during the evening’s launch event, causing a severe negative impact. Xiaomi pointed out that Xiaomi SU7 Max uses silicon carbide for both front and rear motors.

Regarding this, Xiaomi questioned how Smartji, as a subsidiary of SAIC Group, could make such a mistake, suggesting a lack of professionalism or deliberate smear tactics. Many netizens alerted Smartji about this error, but Smartji has yet to rectify it. Xiaomi emphasized, “SAIC is a leading enterprise in China’s automotive industry, and we hold them in high regard. Smartji’s behavior does not align with SAIC Group’s reputation, which we, as industry peers, find incomprehensible.”

Xiaomi welcomed fair competition and exchange but strongly opposed distorting facts or spreading rumors. They have prepared legal measures to protect their legitimate rights through evidence collection.

Xiaomi urged Smartji to promptly clarify the situation publicly and issue a formal apology to the misled public.

In response to Liu Tao’s previous apology, Xiaomi made it clear that they “do not accept informal apologies made lightly. We once again urge Smartji to immediately clarify the situation publicly and issue a formal apology to the misled public!”

On the early morning of April 9th, Smartji’s official Weibo released an “Apology Letter.” The letter explained that during the product introduction at the launch event, a critical parameter was incorrectly labeled due to a team’s oversight in content review.

The letter clarified that both the front and rear motors of Xiaomi SU7 Max adopt SIC silicon carbide modules, consistent with the technology used in Smartji L6, representing “top-notch industry standards.”

The apology expressed deep regret for the negative impact on Xiaomi caused by an internal oversight and sincerely apologized to all fans and users.

Smartji Apology

According to publicly available information, Xiaomi SU7 was officially launched on March 28th, with prices ranging from 215,900 to 299,900 RMB. The dimensions of the car are 4997mm1963mm1455mm, with a wheelbase of 3000mm. In comparison, Smartji L6 has dimensions of 4931mm1960mm1474mm and a wheelbase of 2950mm.

Written by: Chen Jing’an, Financial Reporter from Nandu Bay Media

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