Windows 10 free support ends next year; paid updates incoming

Windows 10 Free Support Ends Next Year; Paid Updates Incoming

Windows 10 Support Ends

Microsoft has announced that the free technical support for Windows 10 operating system will officially end on October 14th next year. After this date, users will need to pay for update patches. Specifically, both enterprise and individual users will face different fee standards.

For commercial clients, Microsoft will offer a Windows 10 Extended Security Updates service at $61 per PC or per user. If Microsoft Intune and AutoPatch services are used simultaneously, the maximum charge will be $45. As for specific fee standards for educational institutions, households, and individual consumers, they will be announced later.

This move signifies Microsoft’s desire to encourage more individual users to upgrade to Windows 11 during the remaining six months, while observing how many people still remain on Windows 10. Based on this, Microsoft will decide how to charge the corresponding fees to ensure the security patch updates for Windows 10 system.

It is worth noting that even if users choose to pay for the security patch update service for the Windows 10 system, they will not be able to enjoy any improvements or experiences brought by new features.

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